Looksy Inventories is also able to carry out domestic legionella risk assessment reports. As part of being a conscientious landlord, understanding the potential dangers that legionella bacteria can pose is essential. Our easy to understand report will detail any remedial work that may be required and give you an overall risk rating so that you and your tenants know they are safe and sound.

Please note: Looksy Inventories does not carry out remedial work – our advice is entirely objective and although we can offer guidance, the final decision regarding any works to be done must be the landlord’s.


Looksy Inventories is a family run, independent, small business. A husband and wife team who want to enjoy their work, have more time for their family, but work hard in the process. We’re not a large corporation, we’re not a franchise with a huge back office behind us. We’re just us, just Looksy Inventories, just here for you.

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When a new tenancy begins it’s essential to have a brand new inventory report carried out too. At Looksy Inventories we carefully and thoroughly inventory the condition and cleanliness of the property before the next tenants move in, giving you – and them – complete peace of mind.

Our inventory reports contain info on the condition of the walls, floors, and ceilings. We count the plug sockets. We note patterns and colours. We spot issues that you might not have noticed. We make sure you are aware of it all. This detailed and accurate account on the state of your property makes being a landlord or managing agent that much easier.