Many landlords will look for Chatham inventory clerks when they realise the importance of having an inventory for their rental property. It’s also something that many letting agents will do; after all, it’s always a good idea to work with dependable, local, friendly, and accurate Chatham inventory clerks. It promotes your letting agency and makes your landlords and tenants very happy. It’s a win-win situation, and getting in touch with Looksy Inventories is a great idea. We can provide you with plenty of advice as well as the most detailed yet simple inventory reports you’re likely to come across.

The Looksy Inventories team has lived in the Chatham area for many years and is very familiar with it. As a result, we can investigate each property quickly and efficiently. As Chatham inventory clerks, you can be confident that Looksy Inventories is committed to the community. We will always give you the same high-quality results, whether you want us to carry out a property inventory in Chatham or the surrounding areas on a massive mansion or a compact studio flat, and the property inventory you receive will not only look great but will contain all the information you need to have complete peace of mind as a landlord or letting agent in Chatham. 

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Choose Chatham Inventory Clerks – Many Have 

Many letting agents and landlords have already selected Looksy Inventories as their Chatham inventory clerks, and they are pleased with their decision. They received excellent and detailed inventory reports in a timely manner from a fully trained property expert for a fantastic price. What’s not to appreciate about that?

What’s not to like about a property inventory company that enjoys what they do and, more importantly, is good at it? Looksy Inventories are the Chatham inventory clerks who can examine the property they have been asked to inventory as well as the garden, driveway, outbuildings, and anything else that is connected to the property. We will not overlook anything, which is critical when selecting a property inventory company.

Our inventories always hold up under scrutiny, and our training and experience have taught us exactly what needs to be included and what doesn’t. We also know that photos alone are insufficient; there must also be a description. However, we are not wordy clerks; we will describe the property’s condition exactly as it is, no more and no less, and in an entirely objective manner.

This is why we’ve already been hired as the sole Chatham inventory clerk for some letting agents, and we hope to work with many more in the future. Is it possible that you will be our next partner? Simply contact us for more information, and you could soon be working with dependable, accurate Chatham inventory clerks; Looksy Inventories.

Looksy Inventories Can Help With Tenant Disputes 

The good news for landlords and letting agents is that the majority of tenancies end without any issues. Everything is in order, everyone is content, and the property is in good condition. However, this is not always the case, and having a detailed, accurate inventory completed by a motivated property Chatham inventory clerk could mean the difference between winning and losing your dispute.

A good inventory report will show you what the property looked like before your tenant moved in, and interim audits will show you what it looked like throughout the tenancy. A check-out will show you what the place looked like right after the tenant left. You can easily determine what – if anything – your tenants are responsible for by comparing all of these reports. Having a complete inventory completed before anyone else moves in gives you peace of mind that everything will be in order at the start of the next tenancy. A property inventory clerk near Chatham will complete all of these reports, relieving both letting agents and landlords of the burden. Looksy can handle it.

Looksy Inventories is the ideal Chatham inventory clerk for your needs, with dedication, attention, and plenty of care. To learn more, please contact us today.