When you need inventories for houses in Chatham, what are you looking for? What do you really want? The answer is that you need a local, someone who understands the area, and someone who can get to the place you need quickly and professionally. This is why you are looking for inventories for houses in Chatham.

Looksy Inventories is exactly what you are looking for; we are your ideal property inventory partner in Chatham. We have lived close to here for decades; we know every street, every cul-de-sac, every crescent, every country road (and the places that pass along them). So of course we know where your rental property is, and we can guarantee that the inventory we carry out there is detailed, efficient and easy to read, and is exactly what you are looking for. This is what we do at Looksy Inventories; we are the most diligent and best performing inventories for houses in Chatham, working for our rental agents and owners, and doing everything with a smile.

inventories for houses in chatham
Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

Finding Inventories For Houses In Chatham Gives You Complete Peace Of Mind

There is no point in hiring an inventory company that does not have outstanding work capabilities. What if there is a dispute and the inventory has not been strictly reviewed? For Looksy, this is not something you need to worry about. We have a wealth of experience, training and love for work, creating extraordinary inventories for houses in Chatham. Everything is detailed; we will not miss anything.

Part of being carrying out inventories for houses in Chatham is about loving property. And we do. The Looksy Inventories team is fascinated by the different floors and houses we can see, and we know what to look for as soon as we enter the door. With the latest equipment and continuous training, this means that we are at the forefront, and you can rest assured that Looksy Inventories, as your property inventory assistant for your Chatham house inventory, will accurately complete the property inventory. You will get the report as soon as possible at a favourable price.

This is why we’ve been hired as the sole property inventory clerk for inventories for houses in Chatham for some letting agents already, and we aim to work with many more. 

Looksy Inventories Can Solve Tenant Disputes 

Although most tenants have no problems in the end, some are more troublesome. For these, where the property status is disputed, your inventory will be invaluable. When inventories for houses in Chatham are carried out by experienced inventory staff, there will be no doubt about the time when the damage occurred; you will have a complete inventory, a check-in report, an intermediate visit report and a check-out report for reference, and you can show evidence to the tenancy dispute services.

Without these documents, any tenancy dispute issue may be on the side of the tenant and you will have to refund the deposit in full, even if the property is damaged or abused. Even if there is inventory, if it is inaccurate or incomplete, if it is not detailed, you will fail. This is why you need Looksy Inventories. As real estate inventory experts, we know exactly how to make everyone’s life easier. All inventories for houses in Chatham completed by Looksy meet the requirements. We do our best for our agents and landlords, and we do the right thing for our tenants.

Through dedication, attention and care, Looksy Inventories will create the ideal inventories for houses in Chatham that meets your needs. Contact us today for more information.