When you need inventories for houses in East Grinstead, what are you looking for? What do you really want? The answer is that you want someone local, someone who knows the area, the quirks of the properties, someone who can get to where you need them quickly and professionally. That’s why you’re looking for inventories for houses in East Grinstead. 

Looksy Inventories is exactly what you are looking for; we are your ideal property inventory clerk in East Grinstead. We’ve lived nearby for decades; we know every street, every cul-de-sac, every crescent, every little country lane (and the passing places along them). So of course, we know where your rental property is, and we can guarantee that the inventory we carry out there will be detailed and efficient but easy to read and exactly what you are looking for. That’s what we do at Looksy Inventories; we’re the property inventory clerk who can carry out inventories for houses in East Grinstead that works hardest, works best, works for our letting agents and landlords, and does it all with a smile. 

inventories for houses in east grinstead
Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

Finding Inventories For Houses In East Grinstead Gives You Complete Peace Of Mind 

There is no point in hiring an inventory company that isn’t good at their job. What would happen if there was a dispute and the inventory didn’t stand up to scrutiny? This isn’t something you need to worry about with Looksy. We create exceptional inventories for houses in East Grinstead with experience, training, and a love of the job. It’s all about the details, and we won’t miss a thing.

Part of being carrying out inventories for houses in East Grinstead is about loving property. And we do. The team at Looksy Inventories is fascinated by the different flats and houses we get to see, and we know just what to look for as soon as we get through the door. With the most up-to-date equipment and ongoing training that means we’re ahead of the game, you can rest assured that with Looksy Inventories as your property inventory clerk for your inventories for houses, we will complete the property inventory accurately, and you’ll have your report promptly for an excellent price. 

This is why we’ve been hired as the sole property inventory clerk for inventories for houses in East Grinstead for some letting agents already, and we aim to work with many more. 

Looksy Inventories Can Solve Tenant Disputes 

Although the majority of tenancies end without any issues, some are more problematic. For these, where disputes have arisen about the state of the property, your inventory is going to be priceless. When inventories for houses in East Grinstead are carried out by an expert inventory clerk, there will be no question as to when the damage occurred; you’ll have a full property inventory, a check-in report, interim visit reports, and a check-out report to fall back on and to give evidence to the tenancy deposit service. 

Without these documents, any dispute service is likely to side with the tenant, and you’ll have to pay their deposit back in full, even if there is damage and mistreatment of the property. Even with an inventory, if it isn’t accurate or complete, if it’s not detailed, then you’ll still lose out. This is why you need Looksy Inventories. As experts in property inventories, we know exactly what will be required to make life easier for everyone. All the inventories in East Grinstead that Looksy completes is entirely up to standard. We go above and beyond for our letting agents and landlords, and we make it fair for the tenants too. 

With dedication, attention, and plenty of care, Looksy Inventories will create the ideal inventories for houses in East Grinstead for your needs. Contact us today to find out more.