Anyone who has worked in the lettings sector understands the value of a comprehensive inventory by an inventory clerk Dartford for rental homes.

When landlords ignore this critical step, serious problems might arise. You might lose thousands of pounds if you are left with major damage at the conclusion of a lease without the required paperwork.

Do I Need An Inventory?

Yes, as a landlord or letting agency, you must have an inventory report in place to give documentation if you need to make a deposit claim at the conclusion of the lease.

You may be forced to repair damage out of your own money if you do not keep a careful inventory, ideally carried out by an independent third party inventory clerk Dartford. We’ve put up a quick guide on the crucial components to include and why they’re important.

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Inventory Checklist

The following critical components must be included in an inventory report:

A log of metre readings and keys supplied

Each room’s condition and cleanliness, including appliances, fixtures, and fittings

A record of the garden’s state, including any damage

A tenant signature affirming agreement with the contents of the report

If completely furnished, a note of the condition of the mattresses.

Photos of the property and its contents that have been date and time stamped

It must also incorporate critical safety feature

A list of fire safety stickers for furniture and furnishings

Evidence that the smoke and CO alarms are in compliance with the law (working order and correct placement)

A list of carpets that are loose or frayed, windows with fractured glass, keys that are missing, and locks that are unusable.

How To Protect Your Rental Property From Damage

There are a few extra precautions you may take to safeguard your rental home.

Property Inspections at Regular Intervals

To prevent a similar incident, conducting quarterly property inspections might encourage renters to practise appropriate property care.

Long-Term Tenants Should Be Targeted

Furthermore, focusing on long-term renters who are more inclined to regard the property as their home will aid in avoiding deliberate harm.

Maintain Simplicity

To prevent future problems, keep the decorating basic and make sure your house is fully clean at the start of the rental.

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