At Looksy Inventories we offer a full range of inventory services Edenbridge, including a range of property reports and services that assist and advise landlords and tenants in creating the ultimate in stress-free tenancies. We are committed to providing our customers with the best inventory services Edenbridge our industry has to offer while also ensuring that all homes we report on are compliant.

Our website has a wealth of information on your duties, as well as free advice on how to manage your rental properties and deal with each step of a lease. Whatever level of involvement you have in your buy to let, help is simply a phone call away.

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What Are Inventory Services Edenbridge?

All rental properties must have a properly produced inventory to ensure a fair evaluation of the property’s condition and cleanliness at the conclusion of a lease period. Damages caused by your tenants during their stay may mean you end up having to pay for repairs yourself unless you can prove it was not a problem before they took possession of the property.

The inventory report will help to prevent long and expensive conflicts between tenants and landlords, saving time and money and eliminating void periods while disagreements are being settled. Think of it as a kind of insurance for your investment, which is why booking our inventory services Edenbridge is such a good idea.

How Can Looksy Inventories Help?

We will visit the property and do a comprehensive inventory of its items as well as a schedule of condition for all areas, including all ensuites, outbuildings, and garages.

An inventory report is a thorough record that lists everything from the floor to the ceiling, room by room. Everything from switches and outlets to appliances and fixtures is covered, even down to the trees and bushes in the garden.

We will provide free advice on any situations that we believe may be a health and safety hazard.

We will photograph all rooms and sections of the property, including a full-colour image for the front cover of your report.

Your completed report will be sent digitally to you or your acting agent.

Contact us today to find out more about our inventory services Edenbridge and see what we can do for you.