Looksy Inventories provides professional inventory services Tonbridge seven days a week. Except for Christmas Day, we’re open for all of the major holidays in the inventory services Tonbridge area. We’re dependable, efficient, and knowledgeable, and we value our relationships with clients and customers.

Looksy’s inventory services Tonbridge are professional and impartial, since our service meets all industry criteria for inventory providers. We are situated locally and are available for appointments in the afternoon, morning, and evening when there is enough light to conduct our work.

Inventory services Tonbridge from Looksy Inventories provide detailed, precise and succinct reports on a property’s current state. All reports have been combined into a single document that is simple to read and includes colour photos. Having an unbiased inventory clerk write a properly written inventory report is more important than ever because of the many legal ramifications of renting out your home.

We strive to include as much information as possible in your inventory report, and we ensure that there is adequate photographic evidence to back it up. Both the landlord and the tenant need to be happy with the property’s condition before signing the lease, and Looksy’s inventory services makes sure that can happen. 

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Inventory Services Tonbridge For Ultimate Results

An unbiased property inventory report completed by an independent, fully certified inventory clerk from our inventory services Tonbridge small business will provide both the landlord and the tenant with peace of mind that everything is completely recorded from the start.

If you believe that having the tenant present during the inspection would be useful, Looksy’s inventory can be performed concurrently with the check in. We will collect proof of any damages, flaws, or adjustments during the process as part of your inventory services. All meter readings are recorded, keys are documented, and alarm codes are registered, guaranteeing that at the conclusion of the inventory inspection, both the landlord and the tenant are pleased with the report and are willing to sign the inventory report declaration.

Before the final report is produced, both the landlord and the tenant are allowed to add any extra information they believe is relevant to the inspection. Inventory services Tonbridge is one example of how Looksy Inventories strives to give high-quality services at reasonable pricing. Our professional company is built on the happiness of our customers.

Looksy Inventories serves Tonbridge and the surrounding area. Our service is provided not just to landlords and letting agents, but also to tenants. Tenants have been better aware of their legal rights in terms of renting housing and deposit protection since the establishment of tenancy deposit schemes in 2007.

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An independent property inventory is a useful addition to your tenancy, allowing for a stress-free transfer at the conclusion of your lease. This guarantees that your rent deposit is refunded on time, so choose inventory services from Looksy Inventories and call us immediately to find out more