At the beginning and end of a tenancy, it is very important to do a thorough inventory inspection with a professional Sevenoaks inventory clerk. This will help the landlord and tenant avoid losses and disputes. No one wants a tenancy to go to arbitration, whether they are a tenant, a letting agent, a private landlord, or a property management company. This is where we come in, and it’s why we’re the only place our clients need to go.

Inventory & Check In Reports

Always done at the beginning of a tenancy by a professional Sevenoaks inventory clerk, before the tenant moves in, so that any problems or damage can be recorded.

Check Out Reports 

Done after the tenant has moved out so that a comparison between before and after can be made and any problems can be reported to the agent or landlords.

Mid-Term Inspections 

Done halfway through a tenancy to make sure that the tenants are keeping the property up to the standards. Any problems that are found can be quickly reported to the agent or the landlord by a professional Sevenoaks inventory clerk.

Property Viewings

Money is not time, and time is worth more than money. As a rental agent, why not use our exclusive viewing service to save TIME? Our professional Sevenoaks inventory clerk view guides will pick up keys from your office, meet your tenant or buyer at the property, show them around, and then return the keys to you. Then, you’ll get helpful information about the visit.

Contact Looksy Inventories to find out more today. We can cover the entire Sevenoaks District, and we can go further, subject to mileage and availability. If you need a great Sevenoaks inventory clerk, you need Looksy Inventories; our experience, professionalism, knowledge, and incredible personal service makes us stand out.