If you need a property inventory clerk in Gravesend, you’re on the right track; you’re on our website, after all. We’re Looksy Inventories, and we’re an independent, highly qualified, experienced, friendly bunch who work (and live) in Gravesend. We travel all around though, so even if you think we might be a little far away, it’s always worth asking; we might still be able to help. 

When you’re a landlord or a letting agent, sometimes even when you’re a tenant, a property inventory clerk in Gravesend is someone you’ll require at some stage of a rental property’s life. You might need a full inventory before a tenant moves in, or perhaps you’re looking for someone to carry out interim property reports on your behalf. Then again, it might be a check-in or check-out. It should come as no surprise that Looksy Inventories can do all of these jobs, and we even carry out legionella risk assessments too. 

property inventory clerk in gravesend
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The Ultimate Inventory Reports For You

Engage Looksy Inventories are your property inventory clerk in Gravesend, and you’ll receive the ultimate inventory reports in return. What do we mean by this? We mean they are detailed, accurate, thorough, easy to read and understand, and ideal for any tenancy disputes that may arise. Obviously, we all hope this scenario never comes up, but it’s better to have an inventory report that the TDS will approve of and not need it than not to have one and very definitely need it. 

However, our inventory reports aren’t just there for disputes. They’re there so that you can be sure your rental property, either as a lettings agent or landlord in Gravesend, has been taken care of in just the way you would want it to. After all, it’s the tenant’s home, but it’s your house (or apartment or bungalow… you get the point), and it’s an investment. You need to know that it’s in safe hands, and a great property inventory clerk in Gravesend can give you that reassurance or give you the tools you need to take the matter further. Either way, we’re here for you at Looksy Inventories. 

Using Looksy As Your Property Inventory Clerk In Gravesend Is The Right Choice 

You know you need the best property inventory clerk in Gravesend to help you with your rental property. That’s because you understand that a good inventory can make all the difference, ensuring your life is easier, and your tenant has a smooth check-out, or check-in -or both. 

This is why you should contact Looksy Inventories as soon as you can. Our exceptional inventory reports are everything you need for your property, and no matter whether the tenant moves out after six months or six years, the report will stand the test of time since we make sure every aspect is covered, every nook and cranny is mentioned, and every light switch is accounted for. We don’t leave anything to chance, and our objective, thorough, well-thought-out property inventory reports are precisely suitable for you. 

The Independent Touch From Looksy Inventories 

Looksy Inventories really does stand out from other property inventory clerks in Gravesend, and there are a plethora of reasons why this is. The one that we think is most telling, the one that offers the most benefit to our clients, whether they are Gravesend-based landlords or letting agents or even if they are both – is that we are an independent business. We haven’t bought a franchise, and there aren’t lots of our offices dotted around; we’re just Looksy Inventories, based in Gravesend, willing and able to carry out inventory reports all over Kent, West and East Sussex, and even into Surrey and South East London

The most significant benefit of using Looksy is that our overheads are small because we are an independent, sole trader business. We don’t have to pay a franchise fee to anyone, we don’t have to license our name, we just pay our bills, which means our prices are much lower than you might expect, giving you excellent value for money and a job well done. 

This independence also means we’re flexible. With no head office to appease, we can do what needs to be done to get you your report and ensure you’re happy with it. When it comes to your perfect property clerk in Gravesend, not many come close to Looksy Inventories. 

Contact Your Property Inventory Clerk In Gravesend Today – Contact Looksy 

Contact Looksy Inventories today – we know we can help you just like we help so many other Kent-based letting agents (even becoming their preferred and sole inventory clerks) and landlords. Check out our sample report to see the high quality you will receive, and contact us for more information and to book your inventory with Looksy.