Both landlords and tenants can find it hard to rent out a property. A tenant can lose a lot of their security deposit if they damage the property. The landlord might think that the property needs to be fixed up before it can be rented out again. What should you do? Using a professional Sevenoaks inventory clerk from the beginning (check-in) to the end (check-out) is the ideal solution. This protects both the tenant’s security deposit and the property of the landlord, saving both parties time, trouble, and money.

What Does A Sevenoaks Inventory Clerk Do?

Inventory clerks are trained professionals who make detailed notes about a property’s condition and contents before a landlord rents it out. The clerk may check on the property in the middle of the tenancy and will come back at the end of the tenancy to compare the original condition to the condition at the end of the tenancy. The tenant’s full deposit is usually returned based on the condition of the property when he or she moves out, minus normal wear and tear.

What Is Noted On An Inventory?

An inventory is a legal document, so it needs to be complete. Both the tenant and the owner will benefit from this. If everything is written down in a clear and organized way from the start, there are less likely to be problems when the tenant moves out. When the tenant moves into the property, both the landlord and the tenant should agree on the inventory.

The inventory should include a list of everything that comes with the house. This includes the doors and locks, ceiling, walls, light fixtures, flooring and carpets, blinds and curtains, smoke detectors, door frames, plug sockets, cupboards, door handles, extractor fans, and heating appliances, just to name a few.

In addition to these fixtures and fittings, the condition of the landlord’s furniture should also be described. It is important to list any marks, chips, or damage next to each description, so that the landlord is not responsible for any damage done by the tenant and vice versa. Some inventories also list the gas, water, and electricity readings. Companies can also use digital cameras to take pictures of the property.

Who Needs A Sevenoaks Inventory Clerk? 

Inventory lists are used by landlords and rental agencies. If you own a place that you rent out, you should do an inventory before the new tenants move in.

Sometimes a Sevenoaks inventory clerk also offers a service called “snagging.” If you are buying a new home, a professional can look it over before you move in and talk to the developer or builder about any problems. Snagging companies do thorough checks of new homes and talk to the people who caused the problems about how to fix them.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Hire A Sevenoaks Inventory Clerk?

Hiring an inventory clerk can save you time and trouble if you are a landlord. With the professional service, you can rest assured that nothing will be left off the list.

If you decide to do the inventory yourself, it’s important to do a thorough job. Check out our sample inventory to see how detailed you need to be.

Hiring a Sevenoaks inventory clerk is also a good way to make sure that any disagreements at the end of a tenancy don’t get personal and are handled in a fair way. For example, the definition of “fair wear and tear” can be a point of contention between landlords and renters. Damage that happens because of normal wear and tear can’t be the tenant’s fault. A Sevenoaks inventory clerk should be independent, and will consider factors including the quality of the product and its condition at the beginning and at the end of the tenancy.