4 Important Elements of Choosing A Good Letting Agent

4 Important Elements of Choosing A Good Letting Agent

If you’re a landlord, precisely how can you tell which letting agent to work with? At Looksy, we’ve worked with many different agents, and we can let you in on some of the secrets of what you should be looking for when you are ready to engage one to help you rent your property.


When you pick a letting agent, they should have good knowledge of the area in which your property is located. They should also be able to market your property effectively with a powerful online presence and a user-friendly website (the property portals are certainly useful, but they shouldn’t be relied on; a website is also absolutely crucial).

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The images used on that website or portal are also extremely important. Check them out to make sure they are of high quality, that they look appealing. In other words, when you look at the images of the properties that are already up for rent with this agent, are you put off by the photos, or are they attractive? Plus, have they taken the time to complete a floor plan? Floor plans are something that many prospective tenants are keen to see as it helps them to visualise the property better, and saves them, you, and the agent a wasted viewing if it’s not laid out as they would like, or it’s too small (or even too large) for their needs.

Letting Agent Paperwork

A great letting agent will help to make sure that you, a landlord, fulfil all of the legal requirements you need in order to rent your property. This includes EPCs, gas safety certificates, and deposit protection. They have to keep updated with all of the new laws to help you stay compliant.

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Moving In

Does the agent have a separate move in team such as an unbiased inventory clerk? Is your agent considering each step of the system from offer acceptance to move in? The latter is a crucial area usually forgotten by agents and screwing up in this specific area might end up in the let falling through.

Call Looksy Inventories today if you need help in ensuring that your tenants are moved in safety and securely, and that your property is protected throughout their tenancy.


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