When you are a landlord, there are certain people you need to be able to trust – at least in terms of your property anyway. One of those people has to be your inventory clerk in Kent. And ideally, because we know we can do the best job for you, that inventory clerk in Kent should be Looksy Inventories. We have the experience, the knowledge, the passion for property, and the ability (and want) to go above and beyond for each and every one of our clients, for each and every landlord or letting agent who contacts us for help. 

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Specialist Work From An Inventory Clerk In Kent 

The work of an inventory clerk in Kent is specialist. It’s true that, technically, you could carry out your inventory yourself, but would you notice everything that a well-trained and observant property inventory clerk would? Would you be sure that your inventory would hold up if there were a dispute with your tenant? Would the TDS agree with your findings which are subjective? 

When you have an emotional or financial (or both) connection to a property, carrying out a genuinely objective inventory report is all but impossible. This is just one reason why a property report from Looksy Inventories is ideal – we’re objective, unbiased, and our reports reflect only what we see because we have no link to the property ourselves. It makes any issues between the landlord and the tenant much easier to deal with. 

Not only that, but a thorough inventory report takes time. Every aspect of the property needs to be considered; every room, every light switch, every window, even the garden and the outbuildings. Everything. If anything is missed and then there is a dispute, the report can’t be used. 

With Looksy Inventories, you have absolute peace of mind that our team comprises expert clerks, and our reputation as a fantastic inventory clerk in Kent is unsurpassed. Looksy Inventories can complete a detailed and high-quality property report for you every time. 

An Inventory Clerk In Kent Is Just What You Need 

Reputation is everything in property. It’s crucial. A poor reputation means that you won’t get the business you need as a landlord or a letting agent. People will steer clear. That’s the last thing you want when you’re trying to make a living. 

That’s why you need to be careful of who you outsource to. You can’t do everything yourself, you’re far too busy for that, plus you know that it pays to get an expert in for some areas of your business; your marketing, your accounting, your IT… your inventory reports. 

When you have an expert company like Looksy Inventories carrying out your inventories on your behalf, you don’t have to worry about your reputation; we’ll ensure it remains intact. In fact, we have such an excellent reputation ourselves that we can even enhance yours. Either way, you’ll soon be known as a great lettings agent or landlord to deal with because you clearly know how to find good suppliers and work with trusted partners to get the job done not just well, but perfectly. 

At Looksy Inventories, we’re already the number one inventory clerk in Kent for several lettings agents, and it is down to our reputation, our excellent property inventory reports, and our attention to detail that this is the case. No letting agent will continue to use an inventory clerk in their local area who can’t do the job; Looksy can do the job, and we do it right every time. 

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Looksy Inventories Is Different 

Why should you choose Looksy Inventories as your sole inventory clerk in Kent when you could pick others instead? We’ve already talked about our high-quality inventory reports and our well-trained inventory clerks. We’ve mentioned that we are entirely objective.

However, we haven’t told you that our reports are individual; we don’t just copy and paste from one report to the next. We start fresh every time because doing anything else is lazy, and it’s not fair on the client; they’re paying us for a full report, not half of someone else’s. Plus, by ensuring we start from scratch for every inventory report in Kent, it means we are more alert, more aware, and more able to notice what is there to be seen. We look at the details, and we focus on the property we’re in, not one we’ve already been to. Every house and flat and apartment is different, and as your favourite inventory clerk in Kent, we are very much aware of this. 

Your Independent Inventory Clerk In Kent 

Something else that makes Looksy Inventories stand out from the rest is that we are independent. Not just in the way we look at the reports, although that is true. By independent, we mean that we aren’t part of a chain or a franchise. It’s just us, Looksy Inventories. We’re based in Sevenoaks, and we cover most of Kent, Surrey, and East and West Sussex.

Choosing an independent, small, local company has many benefits. You’re helping the local economy for one thing, but you’re also helping your own pocket; because we don’t have to pay franchise fees and we’re not linked to a multinational corporation, we can keep our prices realistically low, ensuring that you get terrific value for money. 

Contact Your Inventory Clerk Today – Contact Looksy 

How can we help you? As your property inventory clerk in Kent, Looksy Inventories can offer exceptionally high-quality inventory reports that are detailed and yet easy to read, and we can do it all at a great price because we are independent. Plus, we’re just great at what we do. There’s no other way to say it; experience and a love of our work have made us top when it comes to an inventory clerk in Kent. 

Contact Looksy Inventories today or check out our prices – there are no hidden costs. We want to work for you, and you’ll be glad when we do.