When Do You Need A Property Inventory?

When Do You Need A Property Inventory?

It’s easy to assume that you need a property inventory when you are letting out a property. Although this is crucial, and it’s certainly where Looksy Inventories spends the vast majority of its time, that’s not the only reason for having an inventory carried out. Read on to find out more.

Before Letting A Property

As we’ve said, the most common reason for hiring a property inventory clerk in Sevenoaks to carry out said inventory is because you have a property that you intend to let out. Ideally, you will already have found a tenant, and the inventory will take place no more than a week (and usually two or three days) before they are due to move in. The longer the time between the property inventory in Sevenoaks and the new tenant’s moving day, the more chance there is that something can change, especially if you’re making upgrades like new carpets or you’re repairing any issues that need to be dealt with in advance.

The inventory will then be passed to the tenant to check through to make sure they are happy with what has been included, and to suggest any amendments that might need to be made (inventory clerks are only human, after all, although we are very proud to say that amendments are a rare thing when it comes to Looksy’s property inventory reports).

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After Letting A Property

Technically, this Sevenoaks property inventory is actually a check-out. It’s a home inspection that will compare the original inventory with the state of the property and make a note of the differences. Of course, normal wear and tear is something that should be expected, especially if the tenant has lived there for a number of years. However, big areas of damage and anything that is significantly different – good or bad – from the initial inventory should be mentioned in the report.

Once anything that needs to be made good has been, and once the property is ready to be rented out again, the full inventory can take place.

After A Death

A property inventory in Sevenoaks isn’t just about tenants and landlords; there are other reasons to have one done by an expert. One of these reasons is if you feel you want to protect the property and possessions of a deceased person while the will is being executed. A full inventory of everything within the property, and the state of the property in general, can be a useful tool should you need it.

Although it’s not a pleasant thought, sometimes items of great value (financial or sentimental) can go missing after a death, especially if a variety of different people have keys to the property. Knowing that there is a full list of all these items, confirmed by a professional Sevenoaks inventory clerk, is a great way to keep them safe. It will also help if there are any disputes regarding the will.

After A Separation Or Divorce

This is, we’ll be honest, not something we’ve been asked to do as yet, but our services are here as expert Sevenoaks inventory clerks if required in this upsetting situation. The inventory report will be a record of all the items that the couple owned jointly, ensuring that the assets can be split fairly once the separation or divorce becomes permanent.

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Contact Looksy Inventories For Property Inventory In Sevenoaks

Based in Sevenoaks but covering all the surrounding towns and villages – and further afield if required – Looksy Inventories is your expert property inventory service for the area. We can carry out inventories for any reason you need one, and our reports are clear, concise, and understandable. Contact us today for more information and to find out how we can help you.

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