New Ash Green is a lovely place to live – we know because we lived there once (Farm Holt) and still have friends in the area (Spring Cross and Redhill Wood). Made of up interesting neighbourhoods, each one with its own unique personality, and with a town centre that has everything from a doctor and dentist to a Co Op, gym, bakery, and an OFSTED rated ‘good’ school, what more could you need?

Inventory clerks in New Ash Green are experts in detailing the condition and content of a rental property. Not only will a New Ash Green inventory clerk carry out an inventory before a property is rented out, but they will also carry out interim reports, check-ins, and check-outs.

New ash green inventory clerk

The inventory is hugely important when it comes to determine whether the tenant’s deposit should be returned in full, or at all. Inventory clerks in New Ash Green will be able to check whether the damage in the property (if any) is in line with fair wear and tear or is something more.

At Looksy Inventories, New Ash Green inventory clerks, we are passionate about property. We have been tenants and we have been landlords, and we understand the complex nature of the relationship between the two. Having a professional, experienced inventory clerk on hand to carry out reporting is a way not only to protect your property but to protect your reputation and your tenants.

The understanding of the inventory process and its importance for landlords, agents, and tenants has been painstakingly gained, and we are proud of our excellent reputation for carefully carrying out inventories, check-ins, and check-outs.

At Looksy Inventories, we genuinely love New Ash Green. We understand its quirks, its maze-like structure, and we have a true fondness for it. We can be your perfect inventory clerks in New Ash Green – just contact us to find out more.