You’re looking for a property inventory clerk… you want one that is efficient, professional, has experience, and can give you an easy-to-read yet fully comprehensive inventory report. It sounds like an impossible task to find someone like that. Yet it’s not. It’s not because Looksy Inventories is here for you; we are the property inventory clerk you need no matter what kind of property you are renting out. From flats and apartments to massive mansions, we can do it all – and we have done. Just ask us for an example inventory, and you’ll soon understand why local letting agents have decided Looksy is their sole property inventory clerk. You don’t need anyone else when you have us. 

property inventory clerk

Complete Peace Of Mind With A Property Inventory Clerk

A property inventory clerk needs to be good at what they do. More than that, they need to have a passion for property and a love of detail. At Looksy Inventories, you’ll find that our Sevenoaks-based team has all of this; we love property in all its many shapes and forms, and we want to be part of the property industry. So we have trained as property inventory clerks, and we’re ready to help you. 

From check-ins to check-outs and full inventories, when you want a property inventory clerk that can deliver the full package of works, leaving you with nothing to worry about and ensuring you have complete peace of mind, simply contact us. There’s nothing more you need to think about. We’ve got it all in hand. 

Disputes? We’re Here For You 

Sometimes disputes occur at the end of a tenancy. This can be a problem when the inventory is less than adequate, and that means lost money. Engaging Looksy Inventories as your property inventory clerk means that any disputes between you and your tenant can easily be solved, often without having to go to court. That’s because our property inventories are exceptional, detailing every issue and showing without any doubt what the property was like before the tenant moved in and how it looked after they moved out. 

This is the key when it comes to inventories. They have to be precise, and they have to be accurate. You don’t want to run the risk of losing out on any money or damages because your property inventory clerk was not good enough. So hire Looksy, and your inventories will be precisely what they should be; exact and detailed. 

property inventory clerk

Dedication, Care, and Attention

Not everyone is cut out to be and property inventory clerk; you have to be dedicated, caring, and have incredible attention to detail. You have to be good with people, aware of laws and regulations, and ensure no stone is left unturned when checking through a property before, during, and after a tenancy. 

This is why being an inventory clerk is exactly the right choice for those at Looksy, and it’s why Looksy is exactly the right choice for you. Contact us today for our prices and to book your first inventory. You won’t regret it.