Looksy Inventories is a small, independent, family-owned and run Sevenoaks inventory business. Yet although small, we can do so much. That’s because we have a lifelong interest in property and knowledge of the local Sevenoaks area, and we have identified a gap in the market for a personally tailored Sevenoaks inventory business. We are responsive and fast, and we produce excellent quality work.

Looksy Inventories provides a bespoke range of independent, professional inventory services for letting agents, landlords and tenants in Sevenoaks, Westerham, Biggin Hill, Bromley, Wrotham, Medway, Larkfield, and many other places. Just contact us to find out more and choose us as your ideal Sevenoaks inventory business.

As a dedicated and expert Sevenoaks inventory business, all of our inventories are professionally generated in line with industry standards and can be customised to meet your specific needs. On all reports, we give thorough narrative descriptions as well as digital colour pictures. We visit the rental property and do a comprehensive inventory examination, noting the fixtures, fittings, contents, and current condition of the property, including any furniture, if applicable.

In terms of check-ins, we will arrange to see your tenant at the property on or before the beginning of their lease. We’ll go through the inventory report with them and get their signature on it. We will also collect meter and agree on them with your tenant if feasible. If you need it, we can additionally list and give over the property’s keys. We can do it all as your preferred Sevenoaks inventory business.

Sevenoaks inventory business

Next is the check-out report. We pay a visit to the rental property after the conclusion of the tenancy, after it has been vacated. The property is thoroughly examined, and any variations between the current state of the property and that specified on the inventory report that was created prior to the commencement of the tenancy are noted.

The check-out report is created and will contain precise facts about the property’s overall condition and cleanliness. We will also make a note of any things on the property that are now broken, damaged, or missing.

We will collect meter readings whenever feasible, and if the renter is present, we will receive the return of the property’s keys on behalf of the agent/landlord. You can see why we are an excellent choice when it comes to a Sevenoaks inventory business.