Tatsfield is located in the far east of Surrey, close to the borders of Kent and Greater London. It is located nine miles south of Croydon and 18 miles south of central London.

The village is located in the parish’s northernmost 1300 acres, close to Biggin Hill in the London Borough of Bromley. It’s nearly a mile across at that point. The rest of the parish is a two-mile-long narrow, thinly inhabited strip that runs south, crossing the M25 Motorway at the Clacket Lane Service Area. It then heads south to the A25 Guildford-Maidstone road, close outside Westerham. The parish is also crossed by the North Downs Way, which runs from Farnham in Surrey to Dover in Kent.

More than 1800 people live in one of Surrey’s highest communities. Tatsfield is 255 metres (837 feet) above sea level in parts. The ground climbs to 267 metres just outside, at Botley Hill (876 feet). The parish’s lowest point is 140 metres above sea level. One of the community’s distinguishing features, centred on its pond and village green, is its network of more than five miles of unpaved roads.

Tatsfield inventory clerks

Inventory clerks in Tatsfield are experts in detailing the condition and content of a rental property. Not only will a Tatsfield inventory clerk carry out an inventory before a property is rented out, but they will also carry out interim reports, check-ins, and check-outs.

The inventory is hugely important when it comes to determining whether the tenant’s deposit should be returned in full, or at all. Inventory clerks in Tatsfield will be able to check whether the damage in the property (if any) is in line with fair wear and tear or is something more.

At Looksy Inventories, Tatsfield inventory clerks, we are passionate about property. We have been tenants and we have been landlords, and we understand the complex nature of the relationship between the two. Having a professional, experienced inventory clerk in Tatsfield on hand to carry out reporting is a way not only to protect your property but to protect your reputation and your tenants.

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