Tips For Staging Your Living Room

Tips For Staging Your Living Room

Have you ever considered staging your living room? Whether you’re a seller or a landlord, staging your living room can mean the difference between a sale/finding a new tenant, or having to wait. When you stage your living room in the right way, it can show the people looking around how they might live, and what can be done with the room. With that in mind, read on for some useful tips.

A New Suite For Staging Your Living Room

If you have an old, sagging sofa in your living room, it’s going to make it look less desirable than if you have a brand new suite. This is why it’s a good idea not to put off buying your new furniture if that’s something you were intending to do anyway. For one thing, you’ll have more money before your move than after (moving is very expensive), and for another, when you’re staging your living room you want to offer up a good impression.

It’s true that the new owners or tenants aren’t going to be using your furniture (although, when it comes to tenants, the option might be there – even more reason to get a new sofa), and you might think it’s no one’s business what your stuff looks like. That’s true, but it’s also true that you’ll create a more positive subconscious impression when there are nice things around you.

Your Carpeting

How does your carpet look? Is it dark, has a lot of patterns, or both? Would having it cleaned by a pro make it look better, or does it really need to be replaced? If the carpet is dirty, worn, and old, it will look like the house hasn’t been taken care of. If you want to show that the house is well-kept, you might want to spend a few hundred pounds on a new, neutral carpet to make staging your living room easier.

Your Lighting

This can really change how your living room looks. Downlighters and table lamps can make a room feel warm and inviting, while uplighting can add a bit of drama. If you have overhead lighting, it’s usually best to turn it off and use your other lighting options to make the room feel more like home.

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