Getting Your Home Ready for Photographs

Getting Your Home Ready for Photographs

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is definitely true when you’re trying to sell your home. What can you do to help your home look its best?

Here are some things you can do to get your house ready for photographs.

Your Kitchen

Clear everything off the kitchen counters and put everything back where it belongs.
Don’t show off your tea towels.
Clean your trash can or hide it.
Put some flowers or a bowl of fruit on a table in your kitchen so it’s ready for photographs.

Your Bathroom

Hide the laundry basket and extra toilet paper.
Show off your best toiletries, or don’t show any at all.
Put the toilet seat down.

Make sure your towels are clean and put away in a neat way ready for photographs.

Your Bedrooms

Make sure your bed is clean and, if possible, use white or plain sheets.
Clean off your nightstands and any other furniture in your bedroom.
Put your clothes and shoes away.
Make sure that you can’t see anything under beds or on top of closets.
Put away the kids’ toys.

Ready For Photographs Through The House

Open the blinds and curtains.
Get your windows clean.
Clean/polish every surface.
Hoover/mop floors.


If you can, move wheeled trash cans.
Put your car somewhere else.
Clean up the garden. Sweep up any fallen leaves and pull out any weeds.
Cut the grass.
Clean the front door.
Add a splash of colour to either side of your front door with hanging baskets or planters.

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