Your Long Term Tenant: How Landlords Can Attract Their Ideal Tenant

Your Long Term Tenant: How Landlords Can Attract Their Ideal Tenant

 As a landlord, finding a good long term tenant should always be a priority. The rental industry is notorious for having tenants moving on every two to three years because they’ve seen another property, they’re not happy where they are, or they’re ready to buy a house amongst other reasons.

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Some of these things can’t be helped – if a ‘better’ property comes up that offers more room or is closer to a good school, then the tenant probably won’t be persuaded to stay. The same goes for if they have saved up their deposit and they’re ready to get their foot on the property ladder. Yet there are some things you can do to make a tenant who might just be used to moving every few years become a much longer term prospect which means you won’t have to go to the expense of having an empty property and finding another tenant to fill it. Here are some tips on what you can do.

 Be Willing To Compromise With A Long Term Tenant

The rental market is a crowded one, and there are many properties that will be up for rent at the same time as yours. They will be the same size, marketed at the same price (give or take), they might even be on the same road, or at least close by one another. With fewer people than ever being able to raise a deposit for a mortgage, renting is fast overtaking home ownership as the norm, and that means there is a lot of choice for tenants – no longer will they have to ‘settle’ if they don’t have to.

 And for the most part, they don’t have to.

 So how can you ensure that the potential long term tenant who is viewing your property and two or three others on the same day and who is going to choose one of them will pick yours? It’s often about compromise. You don’t have to lower the price (especially if the tenant doesn’t ask) although this is something you can keep in reserve if you need to, but you can throw in some extras that might sweeten the deal. You could:

Offer a reduced deposit

Offer to pay the council tax for the first three months

Assure the tenant that you won’t rent to anyone before they’ve had a chance to think things through (you’re not even losing anything here – you’re just showing them that you’re easy to work with and willing to help when possible)

Plus there are many other ideas that you will be able to think of; it’s going to depend on the tenancy and the property as to what you feel you can offer. It’s all about making a good first impression, and if you can show that you are willing to compromise if need be, the long term tenant is going to be happier to rent from you.

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 Give A Warm Welcome To Your Long Term Tenant

You might not be there when someone moves in – that’s what Looksy is there for, after all; we carry out check ins on your behalf. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still offer a warm welcome to make the tenant really feel at home.

You can have flowers delivered, or leave some wine or chocolate in the property for them to enjoy. Maybe stock the fridge with milk and leave a loaf of bread and some tea and coffee in the kitchen (even if they have their own, your kindness won’t be unnoticed). Or what about collating a list of good places to eat, quality takeaways, great locations to visit, the best schools, and so on? It’s the little things like this that will make people want to stay around for longer.

Remember, this is your house but it’s their home, and if you can stick to this simple mantra you’ll always be seen as a good landlord.

 Keep Your Promises

A landlord can promise the moon and the stars but if they don’t deliver that doesn’t mean they’re a good landlord; quite the opposite, in fact. It’s crucial for you to keep your promises if you want your good tenants – the ones who pay on time, every time, and who look after the property well for you, and who are nice, quiet neighbours and cause no bother – to stick around once their tenancy is up.

 You don’t have to do a lot. You just need to do the things you’ve said you’ll do, especially if you happened to mention those things when the tenant was viewing the property, and they are the reason they took your place over someone else’s… If you don’t do what you said you were going to, don’t be surprised if they decide to go and find someone who will at the earliest opportunity.


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