What Is A Property Check-In?

What Is A Property Check-In?

While the meaning of a property inventory report is generally well understood, a property check-in is often misunderstood. A typical mistake made by landlords is to refer to the inventory as a “check-in inventory” or “moving-in inventory,” neither of which really describes what happens.

An inventory is a detailed record of all the possessions at a given location, along with notes on their current state. It should include a general description of the property and a list of its contents, including specifics regarding the state of the various walls, ceilings, floors, paint, carpeting, curtains, furniture, appliances, and fixtures like cabinets, windows, and doors.

The locations of all meters, stopcocks, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as the results of their most recent tests, should be noted in the inventory as well.

So What Is A Check-In Report?

The property check-in is when the inventory and keys are given to the new tenant, and they go through a process to make sure that they know the basics about their new home and its condition.

At this point, the renter can look over the inventory and make notes about anything that was left out or was listed wrong. New photos can be added to the inventory to back up the tenant’s comments, a new meter reading, or an item that wasn’t on the inventory.

How To Carry Out A Property Check-In

Although a landlord or letting agent can carry out a property check-in, it’s better for an unbiased third party, such as the experts at Looksy Inventories, to do it to ensure there are no issues and that it is done exactly right.

We use the most up-to-date devices and apps in this field so that everything can be done on-site and all tenant comments are clear and easy to read. Our reports don’t need to be printed. When we meet the tenant at the check-in, we give them the inventory list on a tablet. They can go through the whole list while at the property, typing in their comments and taking new photos on the tablet. After the inventory check, they sign on the tablet, and the keys are given to them.

This is done to make sure that there is only one version of the inventory. Once the tenant signs, everyone will get a copy of the report with the new comments and photos, so there is nothing else to do.

Every letting agent has their own way of doing things, and that includes the property check-in. We are flexible enough to adapt to their ways. For example, for some of our clients at the property check-in we only do a quick walk through the property, check the alarms, show the tenants where the meters are, hand over the keys, and get their signature. We then give the tenants a week to check the inventory on their own time and type in their comments online using their phone, tablet, or computer.

In conclusion, we offer a flexible and highly professional property inventory service that saves time and money for everyone involved while providing consistent and accurate property inventory reporting at an affordable price.

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