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Looksy Inventories – Inventory Reports

When a new tenancy begins it is crucial to have a new inventory report carried out too. At Looksy Inventories we thoroughly and carefully inventory the condition and cleanliness of the property before the next tenants move in, giving you – and them – complete peace of mind.

Our inventory reports contain information on the condition of the walls, floors, and ceilings. We count the plug sockets. We note colours and patterns. We spot issues that you may not have noticed. We make sure you’re aware of it all. This accurate and detailed account on the condition of your property makes being a landlord or managing agent that much easier.

Check Ins

The day has come – your new tenants are moving in. What do you need to do? The only thing you really need to think about is ensuring that Looksy Inventories are booked to carry out the check in process on your behalf.

At check in we will hand over the keys to the property and make a record that this has been done. We will take final meter readings. Plus we’ll walk the new tenant through the property and the inventory to make sure they are happy before they sign the report. We then leave them to unpack and settle into their new home, and you can relax knowing that the job is done.

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Check Outs

After a while, be it 6 months, two years, or a decade down the line, your tenants will decide it’s time to move on. When this happens, Looksy Inventories will carry out the check out report on your behalf. Using the original inventory as a guide, we will document (including photographs) the condition of the property and compare it against the condition it was in when the tenants move in. This is hugely important, as any discrepancies will need to be discussed before the tenant’s deposit can be released.

The difference between damage and deterioration and fair wear and tear is something that an experienced inventory clerk will be able to determine, and we can advise the landlord or managing agent accordingly.

Finally, the keys will be collected (and returned to the agent or landlord) and final meter readings taken. All parties will sign the report, and you can start getting the house ready to go back on the market.

Interim Reports

The interim report that Looksy Inventories carries out for landlords and lettings/managing agents something that can offer total peace of mind. Whether it’s quarterly, six monthly, or annually, having a professional book an appointment with the tenant to carry out an inspection means that your property will be well looked after at all points during the tenancy.

This interim reporting system also means that any issues can be ironed out sooner rather than later. A tenant may be more comfortable speaking to an inventory clerk than going direct to their landlord or managing agent, so these regular inspections give them the opportunity to mention items that need to be attended to. Our experienced clerks can then determine the urgency and nature of the issue, and report back quickly.

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Legionella Risk Assessments

Looksy Inventories is also able to carry out domestic legionella risk assessment reports. As part of being a conscientious landlord, understanding the potential dangers that legionella bacteria can pose is essential. Our easy to understand report will detail any remedial work that may be required and give you an overall risk rating so that you and your tenants know they are safe and sound.

Please note: Looksy Inventories does not carry out remedial work – our advice is entirely objective and although we can offer guidance, the final decision regarding any works to be done must be the landlord’s.

About Looksy Inventories

At Looksy Inventories we are passionate about property. We have been tenants and we have been landlords, and we understand the complex nature of the relationship between the two. Having a professional, experienced inventory clerk on hand to carry out reporting is a way not only to protect your property but to protect your reputation and your tenants.

The understanding of the inventory process and its importance for landlords, agents, and tenants has been painstakingly gained, and we are proud of our excellent reputation for carefully carrying out inventories, check-ins, and check-outs. Contact us today to book an inventory that is carried out efficiently and professionally every time.