Your Property Inventory: The Main Reason For Having One

Your Property Inventory: The Main Reason For Having One

You might be excused for assuming that all property inventory services are the same and that all you have to do is choose the lowest service provider and you’re set.

Of course, that’s not the case at all…

As you are aware from general life experience, standards vary widely from top to bottom in any service business. This is why it’s important to get at least three quotes for anything (including inventories) so you can not only compare costs, but also the quality of the report. Remember, you might want to pay a little more for a better quality report because that report could save you a huge amount of money later on. This brings us to the topic of this blog post; your property inventory and the main reason for having one.

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Tenant Disputes Are A Very Real Thing

As a landlord or letting agent, you rapidly discover that not all tenants are made equal. Some are amazing; they take care of the property, pay their rent on time, and if anything does need to be done around the house or flat, they’ll politely request the fixes without leaving things too late and costing you more than you would otherwise have had to spend.

And then there are the other kinds of tenants. They don’t care about the property, they are late with their rent (if they pay at all), and they either constantly demand that you fix minor issues, or they don’t tell you about a problem so that it causes a huge amount of damage.

And this is why you should seek the best-in-class property inventory service rather than the cheapest inventory service, assuming they are two different things (it might be that the best is also the cheapest – it’s certainly possible, as any client of Looksy Inventories knows well). There could be a big difference.

In essence, your property inventory report serves as the basis for your legal defence if you find yourself in a legal conflict with a troublesome tenant. It is your word against your tenants in the absence of such a report.

In any case, if you carefully record the status of your home and its assets with precise photographs and descriptions, then get the tenant to sign off in a mutually agreed-upon contract, your chances of recouping money for damages are much better. Your inventory report is a kind of insurance against any mishaps – intentional or otherwise – that your tenants might fall victim to.

Ask To See An Example Property Inventory Report

Of course, it’s always difficult to break away from your current provider, even if you’re not happy with the price you’re paying or the reports you’re getting. Who knows? You might end up in a worse position if you choose to move. However, it’s entirely possible you’ll be in a much better position – a safer position – if you make the switch too. So what can you do? The answer is to make sure you ask to see an example property inventory report. Any good inventory clerk will have one or more to show you, and you can see exactly what you’ll be getting.

As professional and experienced inventory clerks, we’ve seen many different inventories. Some are a joy to go through and work from when conducting a checkout, for example. Others are scrappily put together, missing many elements, and that makes our job harder, the landlord’s claims more difficult, and the inventory itself worthless.

Make sure your inventory records are always accurate and professional since you never know when they may be needed in court.

If you’re looking for a seasoned property inventory partner, get in touch with us now to see how we can provide you with peace of mind for years to come.

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