4 Reasons To Be A Landlord

4 Reasons To Be A Landlord

Becoming a landlord is something that some people accidentally fall into, but it’s also something that can be a well-thought out, permanent career move for others. If you’re thinking of reasons to be a landlord, you might be wondering what you can get out of it. We’ve put together some great reasons for you to become a landlord; here are some of the best ideas.

reasons to be a landlord
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Long-Term Investment

There are many reasons to be a landlord, and one more is that investing in buy to let properties is a great long-term investment. Providing you can get a mortgage, you don’t need that much start-up capital (although there are still some costs involved; you’ll need to thoroughly research these first. It might be a good idea to make yourself a pros and cons list so you know you can afford it) and you can be making money within weeks if you pick the right property to invest in. Over time you can build your portfolio which means that, when you’re ready to sell those properties on, you can realise a great return.

You’ll Have A Retirement Income

As mentioned above, if you have a number of properties (or even just one will do if it’s the right one) and you decide to sell them and not buy anymore, you’ll have made yourself a nice chunk of money that is ideal for using to fund your retirement. Gone are the days when people were able to retire properly at 60 or 65 and just enjoy their lives; many people will need to keep working for years after they had hoped to retire. If you invest early enough in property, this won’t be an issue for you.

More Time With Your Family

A landlord who relies solely on the income from their rental properties won’t need another job, and therefore won’t be heading out of the door at the same time each day and commuting to an office, heading back later and finding that the kids are already in bed. You’ll gain a lot more time if you are a landlord because you will simply need to look after your tenants and properties. If you engage a management company, you won’t even have to do that. That means more time to play with your kids, more time with your spouse, you’ll even have more time to go on holiday. Life becomes a lot less stressful (although that doesn’t mean being a landlord isn’t hard work; it just means you’ll be working differently).

You’ll Learn A Lot

Even if you didn’t intend to be, if you’re a landlord you are also a business owner. That means you need to learn a lot about how to run that business, including all the tax implications, as quickly as you can. It’s always good to learn new things, and running a business as a landlord means that you’ll never stop learning; there is always something else that you need to know about, whether it’s new regulations or how to decorate a home to keep your tenant happy, there is certainly never a dull moment.


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