Does An Unfurnished Property Need An Inventory Report?

Does An Unfurnished Property Need An Inventory Report?

If you are a landlord with an unfurnished property to rent out, you might not think that an inventory report will be necessary. After all, the term ‘inventory report’ does make it seem as though it will be a list of everything in the property, and if there’s nothing there… the logic tracks. 

Yet that’s not exactly what an inventory is when it comes to property. It’s how it began, of course, but it has evolved, and now the property inventory is not just linked to items but to condition. This is crucial. A landlord has the right to expect their property to be returned to them in the same state that you rented it out. The inventory report taken before the tenant moves in will be matched to the check-out report, and any differences noted down. It is then between the landlord and the tenant to decide if the problems are large enough to warrant any deduction from the initial deposit. If there is a dispute about the matter, the inventory and check-out reports can be used as evidence, and the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme) can easily determine who is at fault and whether or not the tenant should receive some or all of their money back. 

So when you ask whether an unfurnished property needs an inventory, the answer is yes. Hopefully you won’t have to use it, but it’s better to have the property inventory and not need it than to need it and not have it. Without an inventory, the tenant will always get their full deposit back since there is just no proof that any changes or damage occurred during their tenancy. 

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Other Items In An Unfurnished Property 

You might think that an unfurnished property is completely empty, but that may not be the case. There are other items that you may not have considered, and they include: 

• White good (fridges etc.)

• Doors/door frames

• Windows

• Locks

• Smoke detectors

• Light fittings

• Electrical sockets

• Kitchen and bathroom fittings

Your ‘unfurnished property’ still contains some items, and they must be accounted for. That’s why an inventory report for an unfurnished property is just as crucial as an inventory report for a part or fully furnished property. 

Can You Afford To Take The Risk? 

As a landlord in Sevenoaks or beyond, are you willing to take the risk and not have a detailed, thorough property inventory report carried out by unbiased professionals such as those at Looksy Inventories? Can you afford not to do this? With Looksy and our low prices, it’s easy to choose the right thing; an inventory report on any rental property is worth its weight in gold. 

Contact Looksy Inventories today to find out more and book your inventory. Or pass our details on to your letting agent; we’re more than happy to liaise with them to give you the best service. 

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