Interim Property Reports: Are They Important?

Interim Property Reports: Are They Important?

At Looksy Inventories we know just how important it is to conduct property inventories and inspections, including interim property reports, regularly to effectively protect your investments, and we’re sure this is the can-do-attitude and proactive management you want from a property manager.

We provide inventory clerk services which include inventory reports, check-in reports, interim property inspections, check-out reports, and legionella risk assessments.

But although you might understand just why most of these things are important, are interim property reports really necessary? Read on to find out.

Valuable Insight

Landlords can save the most money by addressing small concerns before they evolve into full-blown crises. Interim property reports are critical because of this. What other means are there to learn about your tenants’ behaviour than by doing a thorough inspection of the property?

What if a tenant violates the tenancy agreement and you don’t realise it until it’s too late? What if permanent harm has already been done? Interim property reports will reveal maintenance concerns, damage, neglect, and unauthorised activities such as smoking, pets, or subletting, as well as being an indicator of the tenant’s overall level of care for your property.

Limit Your Liability With Interim Property Reports

Many individuals find that renting out their home is a viable source of income, but landlords do have responsibilities. Rental homes, for example, must be safe and free of health dangers. Similarly, electrical and gas-powered appliances must be installed and maintained in a safe manner.

Noncompliance with your legal responsibilities as a landlord, property owner, or manager can have significant implications. In addition to being punished severely, leasing a hazardous house might have disastrous consequences for the tenants. If someone is wounded or killed as a result of this form of carelessness, the person in charge of maintaining the property is likely to face criminal prosecution.

Because of the possible severity of these punishments, it is essential that property managers, letting agencies, and landlords conduct interim property inspections, even on long-term leases. By doing so, you may not only guarantee that the value of your property is preserved, but you can also fulfil your legal requirements and reduce your personal responsibility.

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As you can see, interim property reports are essential when you are a landlord for many reasons. But do you really want to do them yourself? Let Looksy help; we’re experts in exactly this kind of work. Contact us today to find out more.


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