Why Are Property Inspections So Important?

Why Are Property Inspections So Important?

Property inspections are, perhaps surprisingly, one of the most important elements of property maintenance when you are a landlord. Remember, your property is an investment and needs to be looked at as a business; that means you need to take as much care of it as possible. Interim property inspections with a report to back up what is found are essential as they will enable you to run your property business correctly. These checks are essentially a piece of admin that will help everything run much more smoothly. Read on to find out more. 

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The Benefits Of Regular Property Inspections 

The first benefit of regular property inspections – which, of course, can (and should) be carried out by an experienced inventory clerk for a completely unbiased view, as well as being time-savings – is that they will give you an overview of how the tenant is treating your property. If the house or flat is in good condition, you’ll have peace of mind that all is well and there is nothing you need to do. If problems are uncovered during the interim inspection, you’ll know that you need to do something. What that something is will be your choice, of course, but it’s far better to know early than to get a nasty surprise when the tenant leaves and all the issues that you didn’t know about because there had been no interim property inspections come to the fore. 

Property inspections also help maintain a good relationship between the landlord and the tenant. Far from being a way for the landlord to check up on the tenant, it should actually be seen as a way to strengthen the relationship. After all, for the tenant, this is how they can know that the landlord cares about the property and their happiness within it. It allows the tenant to speak up if they have any issues too. Some tenants are worried about mentioning problems that fall under the landlord’s remit since they are concerned they might be asked to leave. If the problems are spotted during the regular property inspections, they don’t have to say anything – the report will make it all clear. 

Other reasons to have property inspections carried out regularly include: 

  • Ensuring the tenants are complying with the tenancy agreement
  • Making sure no illegal activities are taking place 
  • Building a good relationship with the tenants 
  • Ensuring the building is in good condition and that any issues are dealt with quickly 
  • Showing that you are a good landlord who fulfils their responsibilities 
  • Creating a report that, should any disputes arise, can be used as evidence 

How To Make Property Inspections Easier 

It takes time to conduct a thorough property inspection. You’ll need to do a complete walk-through of the property, checking every room, even cupboard, everything. Although not quite as big a job as a full inventory report, it’s still going to take a few hours. Or at least, it should if you’re doing it right. 

This is why it’s best to engage a fully trained, highly experienced inventory clerk to carry out regular interim property inspections for you. 

At Looksy Inventories, we have the most up-to-date inventory software to enable us to create a report ‘on the go’, ensuring that you have the results of our property inventories quickly and efficiently. And our prices are excellent too. Contact us today to discuss your interim property inspections and find out more about our full range of property inventory services. 

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