Is Smart Home Technology A Good Idea For Rental Properties?

Is Smart Home Technology A Good Idea For Rental Properties?

Technology is becoming more important for renters wanting to rent at the top end of the market. The attraction is understandable: there is technology for almost everything in the house, including integrated music systems, multi-room temperature management, and the capacity to remotely lock doors, all of which can be controlled from a tablet or phone.

These more complicated systems are often already installed in rental houses.

The following are the benefits and drawbacks of renting out a property with a complicated technological system or moving there as a renter.

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These smart home technology solutions, when utilised appropriately, can make life much simpler for both tenants and landlords. The ability to operate anything remotely, from the heating to the curtains, allows you to keep an eye on the property while you’re away and remain in charge when you return from the comfort of your own bed or sofa.


There are now devices that can mimic your daily activities while you’re gone, making your house seem inhabited.


The usefulness and usability of these technologies are undeniably appealing.


In a market of more sophisticated tenants, a well-equipped home with smart home technology will stand out and frequently let ahead of a less technologically adept competition.



Instruction manuals are readily misplaced, and whoever is in charge of a property is also in charge of keeping this smart home technology up to date. Manuals can be difficult to replace as technology advances.


Tools are only as good as their operators – too complicated smart home technology systems might be more of a problem than a solution if tenants are unable to use them. Having a three-hour training session for the tenants just so they know how to use their new home will be really unpopular and prove to be rather difficult.


These systems often need upgrading, and upkeep can be pricey for landlords.

Technology is a wonderful tool that, when utilised wisely, can significantly improve one’s quality of life. Clearly, there is plenty to consider, but technology can only be as helpful as the tenants and landlords make it.

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