Renting With A Pet – More Want The Option

Renting With A Pet – More Want The Option

There has been a massive jump in enquiries for pet-friendly rental properties. Requests are currently up by fifty percent on usual levels. And it’s all down to the coronavirus pandemic. But is renting with a pet going to become any easier?

renting with a pet

Or rather, it’s lockdown that has caused the trend. People have been lonely, and have either got a pet or at least thought about getting one, the delay perhaps being that they cannot have one right now due to their landlord not allowing it. So, wanting a pet or having one already, and the larger numbers thinking in this way, means that the next property these tenants are going to be looking for should take pets. Hence the increase.

As lots of people, as well as their companies, have realised that they are able to work at home, and companies are actually considering ways for home working to be normalised, folks are actually reassessing if it’s feasible for them to get a pet. This means an increased need for pet-friendly rental properties. Landlords will discover in the coming weeks and months that they might well have to adjust and review their policies if they would like to let their property quickly, or even at all. Renting with a pet is becoming the new normal and landlords must be aware of this change.

Why Not Pets?

The worry for virtually all landlords is that pets result in much more daily wear and tear than individuals on their own. That said, folks with pets will generally remain in the exact same spot for more time, so they can help to reduce the danger of a landlord having to keep looking for new tenants. It might be a better option all round.

With regards to decorating, carpets are a lot more apt to show harm than a wooden floor. Laminate is actually cheaper to install and tougher to scratch, although a scratch on a hardwood floor is easier to repair.

renting with a pet

So the answer here is simple; don’t have carpeting, have hard flooring instead. If the tenant wants to add a rug for additional comfort, that’s their choice, but at least your carpets won’t be ruined by their pet, and you can let the property much more quickly.

Other adaptations to look at for those renting with a pet would be very simple modifications like a cat flap. Either install one yourself, or allow the tenants to if they want to. Plus, you may decide to upgrade your end of tenancy procedures around cleaning, for instance, and having an inventory done as well as a proper check-out will help immensely when it comes to determining if any damage has been done.

Remember To Advertise The Fact Of Renting With A Pet…

If you decide to allow pets, be sure you update listings right away to maximise the chance of you getting the right tenant. If you make sure to advertise the fact that you accept pets, you’ll certainly get a lot more interest, and certainly more than those who says no pets or don’t mention pets at all, forcing the potential tenants to enquire.

renting with a pet

The Tenancy Agreement

Landlords are within their rights to include things like an understanding in your agreement about trying to keep the property thoroughly clean, or perhaps covering the costs of a one off deep clean at the conclusion of the agreement. You should think about a larger deposit to cover any more potential damage, or perhaps increase the amount of interim inspections you have carried out.

Any stipulation surrounding renting with a pet have to be agreed by both parties at the start of the tenancy.

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